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Member of PDI -Protection Dogs International

Hello!! My name is Roman Kokotek. I have always wanted to work with animals, even when I was a little kid. Dogs have been passion of mine ever since I was five years old. I never had a fear of dogs, I would walk up to every dog and pet them , even if they were supposed to be mean. My adventures with dogs start when I was a kid. Spending time with my dogs has been my joy and working with other people and their dogs is my passion. My wife and I are dog lovers without a doubt. We are the proud companions of seven dogs. I started training for fun and for friends. I already had a deep knowledge of dog training concepts and knew a lot about dogs, but I wanted to expand my knowledge so I could offer well-rounded, professional training services to people in my area. That’s when I found Master Trainer Steve Welch. Through my study and time spend with Master Trainer Steve Welch who I first meet at Orange County CA couple years ago, I learned thatI did not know as much as I though I did, I gained confidence in myself and found a way to make my dream come true. His “FUN, FAIR & FIRM” method of training has been recognized and applauded at veterinarian colleges. The Steve Welch program provided a good foundation of basic dog training methodology using positive reinforcement , from which comparisons could be made to other methods available. From my experiences, I learned: “There is no such thing as a bad dog.” He set me Up with one of the Best dog Trainers I have ever met yet. Not only was he an awesome instructor, but he also trains dogs for Schitzhund, Personal Protection, Police K-9 training, service dogs, narcotics detection, Search and rescue. Needless to say, I receive a lot more than just basic obedience and problem solving. I believe that in the future I will be able to act as a Mentor Trainer myself and continue to promote program that has change my life and given me the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream. Steve has been instrumental in providing the skills and knowledge that will allow me to build a strong foundation for my business. Working with Steve Welch From start to finish, it has been a journey of heartache and pure joy!!!


Service we can offer

1. Basic Obedience – Dogs will learn Basic Obedience like Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come On and Off leash.

2. Obedience and Problem Solving – Obedience plus Problem Solving Includes Jumping, Chewing, Digging, House Breaking.

3. Advance Obedience and Personal Protection -You will learn haw to target your dog’s bite to different parts of the body. This is trained in segments using body bite suits.


They will also learn how to

A: Protect your car

B: Random Attacks off the training field

C: To be Alert on voice command

4. Aggression & Dominance problem

5. Puppy Training

If you have any question about services we offer and our show calendar please feel free to contact us!

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