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The Cane Corso, like the Neapolitan Mastiff, is directly descended from the old Roman War Dog, Canis Pugnax. Of these two breeds, the Cane Corso is lighter and, in the Middle ages was used as a hunter of wild game. This was a powerful and courageous dog whose skills were especially valuable on wild boar, although he was also used on stag, bear and other animals. He was also used as a butcher’s dog, a war dog and as a gladiator in the arena. His talents have historically lain in keeping away predators of every kind. Indeed, in many cases, the breed is still used as protector.


Cane Corso is also know as the Italian Mastiff. Cane is Latin for “dog,” and is pronounced “ca-nay,” while corso means “course” or “chase”. Hence, the name Cane Corso is usually taken to mean “dog of the chase”. However, others theorize that the breed’s name derives from the Greek word kortos, which means property enclosed by a fence, and so they consider Cane Corso to mean “dog that guards the property”. Another connection is the Latin word cohors, meaning “protector” or “bodyguard”.


Before reaching the decision that will definitely look for a Cane Corso puppy, it is essential that you are clear that this is absolutely the most suitable breed for you and your family. You should have carefully weighed your family situation and living environment , and it is important for you to realize just how powerful an adult Cane Corso will become. Not only will a breed of this size take up a fair amount of space around the home, it will also cost considerably more to feed than would small breed.


You must also be sure that you want a Cane Corso for the right reasons, and that you are prepared to establish your own authority over the dog in order to bring up a well-adjusted, sensibly behaved companion. Before beginning your search, you should do plenty of “homework” on the breed, which includes seeing as many Cane Corsi as possible with their breeders and owners. Dog shows are wonderful opportunities to do this. When selecting a breeder, you will have consider advice and form your own opinions about which breeders are most dedicated ones. A careful breeder will have put much thought into planning a litter, will have considered health issues and will have given all puppies in the litter the very best start in life.

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