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Selecting A Breeder and Puppy

Before reaching the decision that will definitely look for a Cane Corso puppy, it is essential that you are clear that this is absolutely the most suitable breed for you and your family. You should have carefully weighed your family situation and living environment , and it is important for you to realize just how powerful an adult Cane Corso will become. Not only  will a breed of this size take up a fair amount of space around the home, it will also cost considerably more to feed than would small breed.

You must also be sure that you want a Cane Corso for the right reasons, and that you are prepared to establish your own authority over the dog in order to bring up a well-adjusted, sensibly behaved companion.

Before beginning your search, you should do plenty of “homework”  on the breed, which includes seeing as many Cane Corsi as possible with their breeders and owners. Dog shows are wonderful opportunities to do this. When selecting a breeder, you will have consider advice and form your own opinions about which breeders are most dedicated ones. A careful breeder will have put much  thought into planning a litter, will have considered health issues and will have given all puppies in the litter

the very best start in life.


Finding a reputable breeder who sells healthy pups is very important, but make sure that the breeder you choose is not only someone you respect but also someone with whom you feel comfortable. Your breeder will be a resource long after you buy your puppy and you must be able to call with reasonable questions without being made to feel like a pest. If you don’t connect on personal level, investigate some other breeders before making a final decision.

Once you are absolutely certain that Cane Corso is the breed for you, and you have selected a responsible breeder, you m

ust discuss your family situation and your intentions for your dog  with  breeder, taking his advice as to which puppy is likely to suit you best. Remember that the dog you select should remain with you for the duration of his life, which is usually from 10 – 12 years, so making the right decision from the outset is of utmost  importance. No dog should be moved from one home to another simply because the owners were thoughtless enough not to have done sufficient research on the breed, the breeder and the background of the litter before selecting the puppy. It is always important to remember that, when looking for a puppy, a good breeder will be assessing you as a prospective new owner just as carefully as you are selecting the breeder……


If the breeder from whom you are buying a puppy asks you a lot of personal questions, do not be insulted. Such a breeder wants to be sure that you will be a fit provider for this puppy.

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